LEDs: The Bright Future of Automotive Lighting

Date: 03 July 2020 Category: Press Release


Solid-state lighting is an enabling technology in the automotive field which offers new functionalities, greater security, design flexibility, easier integration with control systems and electronics, greater freedom in light design, also allowing each manufacturer to characterize its style and philosophy.

The electronics onboard a vehicle control many functions: some concern the windscreen wiper systems, others the air conditioning system. Power management systems cover not only lighting solutions but also infotainment solutions in order to offer comfort, safe, pleasant driving.

LED technology is constantly renewed through the development of new functions and electronic control systems; modern designing involves not only the source, but also the shape, projection and image of the light itself.

The main reasons for the success of LED technology lie in a cooler colour temperature (typically 5000 K), which gives a more technological and metallic look to the car, in the versatility of its use, which makes it possible to create thin and uniform light guides to further personalise the aesthetics of the vehicle. However, LEDs also offer a greater depth of projection, thanks to the higher light intensity, and consequently, greater safety.

Article By : M. Di Paolo Emilio

EET Asia


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LEDs: The Bright Future of Automotive Lighting