Our Performance


A Winning Strategy

The fundamental emphasis in terms of DOMINANT Opto Technologies’ strategy is the “One Stop Center for Opto Packaging” . In line with this concept, our strategy comprises of two pivotal elements that are now synonymous with us:

  • Customer service with speed and competitive pricing through extensive manufacturing automation
  • Flexible manufacturing concept utilizing common platforms

Core Competencies

The remarkable success DOMINANT Opto Technologies has achieved since its inception at the dawn of the new millennium is the result of optimising and constantly enhancing its core competencies. These competencies have given it a significant cutting-edge in consistently meeting the demands of its clients.

In essence, DOMINANT’s core competencies are:

  • Robust process quality control, with continuous PokaYoke (error proof)
  • Continuous effort in process automation
  • Ownership of various patents
  • World wide sales & marketing team, to provide a close service to our key customers
  • Excellence new product time to market

International Standard Quality & Environmental Management System

As a significant player in the industry, DOMINANT's Quality System is based on the highest international standards, having been certified the ISO/TS 16949 Standard. Ever redefining our quality prowess, we continuously strive for greater heights of excellence.

Currently, we are endeavoring to provide Zero DPPM (Defective Parts Per Million) of products with On Time Delivery and Peerless Services that will consistently fulfil and exceed the expectations of our demanding clientele.

We are also committed on Environmental Management System & Product Safety compliance.

Redefining Manufacturing - The DOMINANT Way

DOMINANT’s manufacturing concept optimises the benefits derived from state-of-the-art technology by integrating automation into every element of manufacturing. This concept has forged an efficient and productive corporation that is thriving in the face of dynamic market challenges.

With a vast production area exceeding 80,000 square feet, 90% of all processes are automated at DOMINANT. From this percentage, 70% of automation is done in-house - a strong reflection of its inherent competencies.

Among the key components of DOMINANT’s Manufacturing Process are:

  • Highly automated manufacturing line using Reel-to-Reel Matrix Lead-Frame Concept
  • Manufacturing processes are integrated into four main modules, allowing rapid capacity expansion based on modular increments.
  • 100% In-house Manufacturing for better Quality Control
  • All processes from assembly to electroplating and test are carried out within DOMINANT's very own facilities.
  • Strong Equipment and Process Automation Capability
  • A significant proportion of the critical equipment are designed and assembled in-house. This capability allows for 'quality' to be inherently   designed into the production equipment.
  • Extensive Adoption of IT Systems
  • Information Technology Systems are extensively adopted in the production floor in to minimize lead-time and improve quality control.