Product Overview


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L-Spice packs a powerful performance with its directional light output and efficient distribution. This specialized lens optimizes brightness and minimizes glare, enhancing both visual comfort and energy efficiency. It empowers designers with newfound flexibility, enabling the creation of sleek and visually appealing lighting solutions. Whether spotlighting, accentuating specific areas, or delivering precise illumination, L-Spice illuminates the way to a brighter and more focused future.


  • Super high brightness surface mount LED automotive exterior applications.
  • 60° viewing angle.
  • Compact package outline (LxW) of 2.8 x 3.0mm.
  • Low height profile - 1.86mm.
  • Low thermal resistance.
  • Superior corrosion robustness.
  • Compatible to IR reflow soldering.
  • Compliance to automotive standard; AEC-Q102.
  • Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance.
  • The matt surface of the lens diffuses light and improve homogeneity.