New Product Release : A3A-FKG-1400-1

DOMINANT Opto Technologies launched the new package family known as seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED) since the Electronica 2016 - the world’s first digital LED which combines RGB LED, LED Driver and advanced ISELED® communication protocol integrated into a single package. It is a revolutionary approach for automotive ambient lighting with fully-calibrated RGB LED to target coordinates.

seddLED Product Family

· A3A-FKG-1400-1

· High brightness

· Pre-calibrated to D65 White



· High brightness

· Individual Red, Green and

  Blue calibrated

· A3D-MKG-2000-1

· High brightness

· Pre-calibrated to D65 White

· Linear Chip Position


Today DOMINANT proudly announced the release of the first seddLED3.0 part number
A3A-FKG-1400-1, which is pre-calibrated to D65 white point with an accuracy within 3 SDCM steps at 1,400mcd.

In August, new seddLED3.0 family member: A3A-FKG-RGB-1, which is pre-calibrated to individual Red, True Green and Blue color at 400mcd, 1600mcd & 250mcd respectively. Interestingly, the True Green and Blue color is pre-calibrated to only a single wavelength (1nm) will be available.

Most of the standard RGB LEDs are binned for both color and intensity of each chip in a package. Usually, it will have 3-6 binning categories depending on the LED maker. While, binning significantly reduces possible color distribution, it does not remove color mixed inconsistencies completely.

The advantage of A3A-FKG-RGB-1 is that it is able to fine tune the variation of color & intensity by controlling the LED Peak Current (PWM), Wavelength Calibration and Temperature Compensation.

Both A3A-FKG-1400-1 & A3A-FKG-RGB-1 help to reduce costs, simplify control and expand the functionality of RGB lighting in automobiles significantly. Table 1 shows the optical specifications of both LEDs. 

A3A-FKG-RGB-1 is perfectly-crafted for applications that require high brightness for individual R.G.B color. Each R.G.B LED is calibrated to maximum brightness which has better dimming resolution.

On the other hand, A3A-FKG-1400-1 is an excellent choice for applications that require high accuracy of White color coordinate, for example: D65 white.

Table 1 Color & Intensity Specification


Coming soon, DOMINANT going to expand it’s new seddLED family member seddLED3.4 part number A3D-MKG-2000-1 which is pre-calibrated to D65 white point with an accuracy within 3 SDCM steps at 1,400mcd. High brightness and linear chip position. The prototype sample of A3D-MKG-2000-1 will be available in October 2020.

DOMINANT will continue to drive Digital RGB LEDs development forward in this field and for the next 5 years, seddLED technological roadmap is expected to focus on miniaturization, integration and digitalization.


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