Zero Binning

Dominant Opto Technologies, one of the top automotive LED suppliers in the world, has achieved another breakthrough with the development of Zero Binning for LED which was announced last year. By offering one luminous intensity and one color bin, the concept will enhance the homogeneity of interior lightings and in turn, the driving experience.

Zero Binning enables all cumbersome color bins at each color temperature to be eliminated which further improves the design cycle, at the same time without compromising on OEM requirement for the luminous intensity (cd/m2) tolerance of +/-20%.

This will solve color shifting issue due to extreme dimming, conventionally by varying the Direct Current (DC) using resistors. Figure 2 below shows the application of Zero Binning in HVAC instrument panel switches.

In research and development, sample lead time can also be improved as process will be simplified due to the elimination of grouping combination. Besides, with only one grouping of resistor and LED, it also provides a solution to the inventory challenges faced by customers and suppliers.