New DOMINANT LEDs L-Spice 60°

DOMINANT Opto Technologies will officially launch a new LED with Lens – L-Spice.  This unique design Lens LED stands out in terms of homogenous narrow beam plus 60° Viewing Angle and high brightness. These enhanced capabilities of L-Spice would enable longer and more trendy rear or tail lamp designs. It will be a leap in the Automotive Rear Combination Lamp market.

This series offers 2 different power levels (0.2W & 0.5W) at 3 different colors (Amber, Yellow, Super Red) to cover the full Rear Combination Lamp applications

C6x-MHG (0.2W LED) is well suited for the Tail Lamp Applications & Center High Mounted Stop Lamp. Meanwhile C6x-SHG (0.5W LED), having higher brightness, would find extensive application in Stop Lamps and Turn Signals.

L-Spice LED is made to have a flat and smoothed top edge, hence no hot spot in the center. Conventional LED with a coupled lens on it will have a sharp edge the top and a spot can be noticed in the center.


Both the L-Spice 0.2W & 0.5W share the same footprint and optical center, giving the advantage of circuit and optical design simplifications opportunities.


L-Spice Lens and package body is made from a single silicone mould over the body, unlike the conventional Lens LED, where usually the Dome Lens is attached with glue to the flat top of the package. L-Spice Lens single mould step results in a much higher shear force (above 73.5N). This produces a really strong package, enhancing its robustness and makes for higher system reliability.

L-Spice small and low package height of only 2.25mm and 2.8mm(L) x 3.0mm(W) is the perfect solution in a small outline design package. It is among the lowest height LED with Lens in the market.

The L-Spice features low thermal resistance and good heat dissipation. When compared with the PLCC (Package Leaded Chip Carrier) product under the same driving conditions, L-Spice is able to maintain higher luminous flux for a longer duration.

With the launch of new L-Spice product family, a wide range of benefits will be delivered to car manufacturers and automotive lighting design & manufacturers. Its standardized footprint and homogeneous narrow beam opens the door for design simplifications, reduces complexity and number of LEDs that translate into an overall cost saving for manufacturers. The L-Spice is poised to become the choice Led with Lens with the multiple benefits it reaps for customers.

L-Spice 60° AllnGaP is targeted to be released by Q2, 2021.