Dominant releases SpicePlus SLES, the latest Day time Running Light (DRL) compatible with the best styling trends market

Day time Running Light (DRL) applications have in recent years been receiving more and more scrutiny for superior aesthetic outlook and immediate identification purposes. Key to DRL performance is minimal colour variation and detection at longer distances. Excellent colour homogeneity over angle is sort out by designers as cars today come with increasing aerodynamic surfaces. DRL lights are emitting as long as the car runs, therefore colour variation change over time and heat is another considerable factor. 

Addressing these issues DOMINANT Opto Technologies officially launched the latest SpicePlus SLES (Small Light Emitting Surface), a white LED with a power rating of 0.5W. Here is the worlds first LED with a unique light emitting surface. The light emitting surface to chip area ratio and its cavity is designed to the optimum light output and capable of maintaining very consistent colour homogeneity.

Fig 1: SpicePlus Actual Image


Key advancement of the SpicePlus SLES is its excellent Near Field Colour over Angle (CoA), significantly low colour drift over different angles.  SpicePlus SLES is the match for the current Chip Level Coating White LED, with equivalent Near field CoA, which is impressive in its own rights.

Fig 2: Near Field CoA

Small LES 1.15x1.15mm

Coupled with excellent Near Field CoA, enhanced homogeneity and color uniformity, SpicePlus SLES comes with superior thermal efficiency and heat dissipation, by virtue of its low package design. Colour homogeneity is therefore sustained over time and temperature. Package robustness of SpicePlus SLES has been proven, and is able to withstand strong external influences and bending forces that are typical of automotive exterior applications. This synergy of features packaged in an ultra low height (0.6mm) makes it the choice DRL for every slim stylish high curvature design application need. 

Fig 3: Package Outline

SpicePlus SLES process technology design is of the latest, enabling it to be produced with low part variations and at the best cost for the customer. The technology was developed to achieve the optimum light conversion efficiency and consistency within the intended package size. To tighten  colour consistency Dominant offers SpicePlus SLES in a single white colour bin. Single colour binning will eliminate colour variation within a lamp, between lamps in a vehicle, and reduce batch to batch variation. SpicePlus SLES is placed in the premium class with a strategic pricing. SpicePlus SLES complies to ECE regulation colour standard.

SpicePlus SLES has been officially released and is now an available product.