ALPAD Grants Sublicense of Nichia Basic Patents relating to YAG White LEDs and License of ALPAD Patents to DOMINANT

Date: 24 September 2021 Category: Press Release

15.09.2021 | Trade Press


DOMINANT Opto Technologies Sdn. BHd. (“DOMINANT”) is pleased to announce phosphor license agreement with ALPAD Corporation (“ALPAD”) and Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) on the use of YAG-based phosphor.

ALPAD was recently granted by Nichia a sublicensable license of the Nichia-owned basic patents relating to white LEDs with YAG-based phosphors.  ALPAD first granted DOMINANT a sublicense of the Nichia patents.

ALPAD also granted DOMINANT a license of ALPAD-owned patents relating to YAG-based phosphors which can be applied to the white LEDs.

This arrangement will allow DOMINANT to further strengthen the intellectual properties in our current product portfolio.


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