Dominant releases SpicePlus 3030 Multi Color, worlds first high powered RGB LED for the Automotive industry

In this new era, multi color lighting had gained wide applications in all ranges of the vehicle industry, particularly in Electric and Autonomous Vehicles. Dominant, a market leader in the RGB LED automotive lighting has taken a leap in innovation by releasing the worlds first 3x0.7W automotive grade RGB LED, the SpicePlus 3030 Multi Color (S6RTB-THG). This robust product fully complies to the AEC-Q102 Standard.

Distinguished by its high luminance, SpicePlus 3030 is the only LED with such high brightness despite its small size, and would therefore increase the interior appeal and exterior outlook of a vehicle, adding to a vehicle’s identity and class. The emitting luminous flux at 200mA is Red Typ 30lm, True Green 55lm and Blue at 11lm. Besides the high luminance, the SpicePlus 3030 has a wide RGB color gamut with Red typ at 621nm, True Green typ 527 and Blue typ 460nm thereby providing designers a wider array of choices in color combinations. 

Fig 1: SpicePlus 3030 S6RTB-THG Specifications

SpicePlus 3030 has a high operating temperature of up to 125ºC and a high LED junction temperature at 150ºC. All the 3 LED chips sit on a big heat dissipation center pad. This will enable customers to employ effective heat draining designs, for example one solder pad with a large clearance area, or dual layer copper PCB’s with Via holes.  This chip is also attached to a Au lead frame, making it an exceptionally high quality package. The Au frame has given this package outstanding corrosion resistance and  has qualified the H2S Test Class A. Therefore the SpicePlus 3030 will place itself perfectly in the field of long duration applications typically used as interior and exterior ambient lighting and car body lights.

Fig 2: S6RTB-THG Package Outline


Aside from its high quality, the package size itself is as impressive, coming in at a 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 0.7mm height. It also has a small light emitting surface of 2.4mm x 2.4mm, making it possible to perfectly couple the LED to modern narrow light guides with diameters as low as 3mm. SpicePlus 3030 will enable customers to design what users desire, unique, eye catching and luxurious illumination. Its high luminance, small package and the numberless color tuning selections available will place the SpicePlus 3030 Multi Color LED as the choice product and market leader in this sector. The SpicePlus 3030 Multi Color has been officially released and is now an available product.