DOMINANT Opto Technologies Approach on Sustainability, ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an evaluation of companies and countries on how conscientious and advanced they are towards sustainability. As the climate crisis continues to impact people and communities across the globe, governments, civil societies, and private industries are coming together to begin counteracting the worst effects of this phenomenon, as well as to bring countries closer to their future goals of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

DOMINANT Opto Technologies, is one of the leading light-emitting diodes (LEDs) manufacturers in the world offering high-performance and innovative solutions for world-renowned car makers. DOMINANT, an IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified company, has always strived to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Scope of focus:

a.   Built-In carbon saving products for our customers

One key ESG initiative was to have built-in carbon saving products for our customers. DOMINANT seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED) is one of such many. The world’s first digital LED which combines RGB LED, LED Driver and advanced ISELED® communication protocol integrated into a single package with embedded phase shift function to spread the current consumption of RGB LEDs over time results in peak current reduction. It would also cut down cables by as much as 50%. Such reduction in cables contribute significantly to reduction in raw material usage and weight. Besides, process simplification is achieved using the seddLED’s, since the downstream vehicle assembly process will have fewer steps.

DOMINANT embarked in seddLED 5 years ago, and these products have been extremely well received. These components are essential for vehicles that target low to zero CO2 emissions. A very good example is in the BMW iX model, launched in Nov ’21, a high value proposition product with zero carbon emission.  DOMINANT’s seddLED was utilized in this model, and this contributed to the BMW iX ability to achieve carbon savings with high performance.

b.   Built-In carbon saving on machine/material from our suppliers

Built-in carbon saving is also sort out from our suppliers, and below is an example from our manufacturing machine systems. The smart tester concept in DOMINANT reduces carbon emissions. Tester machines will have features of “smart power down” system. When the machine is in non-functional testing mode, it automatically shut the test system until machine is back to functional testing mode.

c.   Built-In Decarbonization target within our organization

Based on the “total carbon consumption tonnage” definition, DOMINANT consumes about 38 thousand tonnes of carbon per year. This figure represents the complete scope, including land transportation, air freight and supplier parts. DOMINANT worked on all key enablers to achieve the built-in decarbonization targets and deploy clear actions. Among the actions, a new solar system, more than 20% wastewater recycling and more than 50% paperless transactions. Greening the factory environment was given priority, since every 100 trees mean 1 tonne of carbon offsetting. More than 200 trees were planted within the factory.

Some of the key enablers are:

  • Use of solar system
  • Use of LED lamps throughout the plant
  • Replace conventional curing ovens to energy efficient high-capacity ovens
  • Replace old non-efficient air compressor and vacuum systems
  • Installed new energy saving invertor cooling system
  • Designed the new factory cum office building with glass windows, to reduce energy consumption from artificial lighting
  • Switching off office lights and air-conditioning during non-working hours
  • Adopt paperless document handling
  • Wastewater recycling program, cater for all the toilet flushing system, cooling tower application
  • Tree-planting
  • Use of solar system
  • Tree-planting 
  • Natural lighting to reduce energy usage