New Product L-Spice 30°/ 80° – Part Number CAx-MHG

Tail and stop lamps could get bulkier and heavier than initially outlined. For customers to achieve the desired thin, slender, and light weight lamps, DOMINANT introduces L-Spice 30°/80°, featuring a rectangular beam pattern. With key applications in Rear Combination Lamp (RCL), Tail Lamp, Brake Lamp Turn Signal and especially Center High Mounted Stop Lamp the L-Spice 30°/80° will reduce the number of LED’s needed, simplify lamp design, and hence lower its bulk mass. DOMINANT L-Spice 30°/80°, with a viewing angle of 30° vertically and 80° horizontally, comes in the dimensions of 2.8 x 3.0 x 1.88mm and in 3 colours amber (11 lumens), yellow (10 lumens) and super red (6 lumens). 

Designed for targeted and efficient illumination, L-Spice 30°/80° addresses applications where precise light control and coverage have been compromised. It is best suited for narrow and homogenous applications, as required in long and through tail lamp and narrow stop lamps. It eliminates the need for a reflector, enabling simpler lamp design and optical path. There will be a 25% reduction in LEDs for narrow beam applications, resulting in lower overall system cost and power consumption.

This LED has a typical operating current of 60mA, maximum current of 80mA at a typical forward voltage of 2.35V. Junction temperature is 125°C the electrical thermal resistance at junction solder point is 35K/W. The features in this LED will enable customers to achieve cost reduction and carbon footprint goals. The L-Spice 30°/80° will be released in June’ 2024.